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SUB SPACE CHATTER : The Almost End of the World Edition

Hey 7th Fleet, the good news is we’re still around, no rapture after all (unless you check out my Face Book account and click on the noted Blondie song that is).


Ok, I thought I’d share a few bits of news around the region.

First up, R7 Award winners (and big congrats by the way) have been forwarded on to the SF Award’s Director for review on that level to be announced at IC2011 in the Poconos this August.

How is IC2011 doing by the way? Glad you asked. The IC is moving ahead and doing well. We’re checking all names of those who committed to running panels have registered. For those who have said they will be taking on a panel and have not yet registered, let us know when you will be or if there is a change in plans.

We’re doing well attendance wise but more people registering can only be a plus and will add to the fun. The IC2011 Committee wants to thank the 7th Fleet membership for its support of this IC which was evident by our registration numbers and for those who volunteered to assist the effort. Big thanks to you and we can’t wait for August.

Now I must also report that if you are charged a full night’s stay on your card when you register THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I dealt with this issue today when a member of the Abraham Lincoln experienced this situation. I’ve heard others have also been hit with this. Checking with the staff of the resort, I was assured that THIS IS NOT PART OF THE CONTRACT, so should you experience this situation, please tell them this is not permitted and ask for Crystal who will hopefully be present at the time you register. Also let Jeff and I know if you have experienced this situation. Outside of that the resort has been very helpful and attentive and this is probably a standard operating practice which does not apply to our arrangement but they probably don’t check as close as they should. Please keep this in mind.


Its spring/pre-summer and that means a busy time around the region. Ren Faires, picnics, BBQs and Shore Leave. Leading up to Shore Leave is a variety of comic book shows like the Wizard Comic Con which I believe was held this weekend and the Philly Wizard Comic Con on June 17-19.

The Avenger, Challenger Justice and Abraham Lincoln are among those hosting picnics and I know further individual posts and reminders will be going out from those ships and other chapters as well. Keep watch of the regional lists and utilize the events calendar on the R7 website and feel free to mention this on the Starfleet Region 7 Face Book page.

Speaking of stuff going on activity in the Maryland Sector has been going strong in the last week with the USS Richthofen, the USS Matrix, and Pa. Sector import USS Sovereign who all showed up in Bowie, MD last night for Star Trek night at the Bowie Baysox minor league team. Karen reported that those from each chapter had a blast. The park gave them free tickets, a table for recruiting material,
and, a SKYBOX for their exclusive use! They all came in Starfleet uniforms of varying eras.

Several chapters in Maryland also participated in this year’s Trek Olympics and I know we’ll be hearing about that soon. Good show guys!

Many of us will be busy at the movies this summer with crew visits to see flicks like the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie which the Avenger was assembling to see today. Green Lantern is coming up early next month and that will be a good group flick to see and there is Transformers III, Cowboys and Aliens and my own personal favorite which I can’t wait for…Captain America: The First Avenger.


Ok some more mundane stuff to talk about but important none the less. While our chapter reporting figures have been improving we still have a few ships that need to address their membership strength and who have been either late or have not sent in reports at all.

As to those chapters having problems with their crew strength, some are close to the mark with 8 members others have to do some recruiting or reminding their crew to renew. We also have at least one chapter that is in need of an XO. Wayne and I have been working to assist these chapters to meet SF requirements. We hate to see any change in status result from SF Ops based on these problems and the status change doesn’t happen over night but we’re there to assist and we want to do what we can to see that every chapter is in compliance. Ultimately though it is up to the chapter to address these issues in order to meet what is required by SF Operations.
We have one chapter out there that is drifting around the great barrier and that we need to hear from soon. We’ve tried every avenue of contact and we’re still trying. While our Regional SF membership stands good, we do hate to see any chapter decommission.


The R7 Kilometer of Pennies challenge that was reactivated following our R7 Command Summit of last fall will be counted up and we’ll need to know your total PRIOR TO Shore Leave. In fact we’ll need to know the Saturday BEFORE Shore Leave. We appreciate your collection of loose change (although said amount should be presented in cash or check form as no one wants to cart home a bunch of copper coins for deposit from Shore Leave). This collection will go to the region’s coffers for use of regional expenses which generally means the awards program.

SF will be back with a recruitment table and meeting place and as details come in from the great folks of STAT we’ll be announcing them.


Wayne, Jeff and I were disappointed that we received ZERO R7 Conference 2012 Conference Bids at the appointed deadline date. Our R7 Chief of Staff Jeff Victor requested to Wayne that we extend the deadline for the bids and I’ve spoken to some of those who said they had been interested in putting in a bid. Bid criteria is available at our R7 website and should you have any questions contact Jeff.

Wayne has told me that THERE WILL BE another R7 Command Summit this year probably in October. There will also be a MINI REGION 7 CONFERENCE on the Sunday of this year’s IC since this year’s IC is taking place within the Region. Yes, yet one more reason to come out to this year’s International Conference.

I always close by calling for any input you may have. Feel free to reach out and e-mail, call or even show up unannounced at Wayne’s front door….okay skip that last part but you know what I mean, contact us and in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll get back to you with your ideas, your complaints, questions, compliments or what have you.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in the weeks and months ahead.

During the month of April 2011, the following activities took place aboard the chapters of Region 7:

The USS Abraham Lincoln  had their monthly meeting at New City Library. Had presentation from a fund raising company represntative Christina Philbin. Planned annual Picnic for July 23, 2011 at Bear Mountain State park. Watched Star Trek Phase II episode Enemy Starfleet. 

The USS Accord held a monthly meeting where future events for the summer were planned. 

The USS Adamant had Cantina & Movie Night as well as holding their monthly meeting.

The USS Albany  had 7 members attend bowling. They had an Easter Egg Hunt and monthly meeting. Nine members attended this event at Charleton Historical Society. We had several prizes, lots of candy plus chicken and beef pastries with cheesecake for dessert. Later on in the month, the went bowling again, with 8 members attending.

The USS Ascension held their monthly meeting.

The USS Avenger had a Philly trip, their April meeting, and went to the New Hope Renaissance Festival. 

The USS Britannic was at the recent “I-Con 30” convention. They had a recruitment table, which was open for all of Region 7, that had been staffed from Friday through Sunday. 

The USS Challenger held their monthly meeting, and during the meeting a brutally long Trivial Pursuit session was ended without a winner declared. Members also helped out at “I-Con 30”.

The USS DeBraak continues collecting Coca Cola caps as well as coupons.

The USS Edinburgh participated in Maryland Public TV’s fundraiser.

The USS Hecate’s Marines are still keeping busy with the MURPs, and the USS HECATE is still doing VRCP. 

The USS Inferno had a Change of Command Ceremony during their monthly meeting.

The USS Justice took a bus trip to see Gettysburg, PA, April 16th. Although it rained heavily throughout the day, they still had a good time. The USS Justice held it’s monthly meeting in conjuction with the Morris County Star Trek MeetUp Meeting. A few members attended Chiller Theatre at the Parsippany Hilton, in Parsippany, NJ.

The USS Matrix is finishing up their Yearbook, as well as working on massive photo collection document.

The USS Pride of Baltimore held a joint poker party with the USS Richthofen.

The USS Richthofen also held a Mystery Science Theater night.

The Sovereign had our monthly meeting. Theymade a donation to Japan Relief, which was presented to the Japan American Society for students of Japan’s earthquake. They also made sure the Easter Bunny visited the kids at Project Rainbow by taking them a basket of Easter treats. THey also made Easter arts and crafts for a fun morning with the kids. 

The USS Susquehannock is working on a Calendar as a Region 7 Fund Raiser.

The USS Thor had another successful fund raising event sponsoring Relay for Life during Katsucon’s charity held in March.

By Vice Regional Coordinator Adm. Bob Vosseller

Spring has sprung at long last after a winter that never seemed to want to end. It has been a busy several weeks as chapters are looking ahead to celebrating the 45th anniversary of Star Trek later this year, the USS Britannic and USS Challenger are among those heading off to I*Con based in Long Island this weekend and the USS Storm celebrated its postponed commissioning party late last month.

RC Wayne Augustson has been coordinating issues of a few chapters with under strength or vacant XO positions. Most of those issues are being ressolved and we’ve noted an improvement in on time reporting of MSRs in recent months. Keep up the good work COs and XOs.

As reported on this list before, Farpoint was fairly well attended and the region’s annual brunch was held just prior to the Starfleet meeting.

During that meeting Chief of Staff, R7 and USS Challenger XO Commodore Jeff Victor who serves as IC2011 Chairman, discussed the progress of IC2011 at the Poconos Manor in August.

For those who have not signed up yet, you will wish to do that soon. For information check out the IC2011 website, the link is present at and at the R7 website. Jeff can answer any questions you have about the IC. I have been getting a lot of suggestions for panel ideas and I appreciate the input. We have our schedule now filled but we are confirming speakers so there could be changes. We’re hoping that will not be the case as we really have a nice array of activities and topics for SF members to enjoy at the IC.

A number of spring related plans are in the works including a Star Trek Day baseball game in Maryland which former RC and USS Matrix CO Adm. Joe Hoolihan is coordinating.

Many chapters are also looking ahead to events like the Trek Olympics, trips to the USS New Jersey, science exhibits and those Ren Faires held in the spring.

Follow the lists and post your event activities to the R7 website.

Based on the MSR reports we receive, most chapters are planning for the future and having fun. We’ve noticed a few that provide very little information outside of basically changing the date of the MSR.

Wayne and I are asking that those chapters provide a bit more data and let us know what might be going on. Hey, not every month has a full calendar and we know real life can be a drag sometimes. This is after all a club, but it is okay to provide a notation to just let us know how you are doing and if you are having a slump month or if something is happening to cause the repeat in the vacant activity section of the report. We’re here to listen and to communicate but it is a two way street.

Okay, enough on that topic, many chapters are also taking advantage of the myriad of films coming out that have a common interest. Many super hero movies are coming out in the next few months including Marvel’s Thor next month, DC’s Green Lantern, Marvel’s X-Men: First Class and the one I can’t wait for coming out in July, Captain America. A new Sherlock Holmes film is also coming out later this year as well as a new Transformers movie sans Megan Fox.

These movies are great for crew lunch/dinner and a movie gatherings and many ships are doing just that. The last film I saw was “Battle:LA” which was excellent. I know many of you saw it.
It looks like I will probably miss seeing “Red Riding Hood” which is probably heading out of the theaters soon. I am hoping to see either the medieval action spoof “Your Highness” or the horror flick “Insidious” later today since I am off today. “Limitless and “Source Code” also look interesting.

During Challenger’s Intergalactic Food Festival in March there was plenty of conversation about recent TV series including the pending conclusion of Smallville on the CW and the ratings of Supernatural and Fringe.

ABC’s V had its finale (way to soon) and it is uncertain if the visitors will be back next fall. NBC’s The Cape has been hung out to dry while The Event is back but its not much of an event to watch each Monday night based on the ratings. NBC is prepping a new pilot for a spanking new magic lasso filled Wonder Woman series with WW sporting a modified costume with pants and the familiar boots. In this version Diana Prince is a corporate executive…(say what? She has had many jobs in the comics versions but she’s never been a corporate officer what gives here) You Tube coverage on the new show looks interesting and we’ll see if NBC’s treatment of this new Wonder Woman is better then its treatment of Bionic Woman a few seasons back. Oh and yeah, the new WW film is still in the works and is a separate project not connected to this.

Sy Fy’s new show Being Human has been renewed for another season and The Adventures of Merlin had its season finale (which I thought was pretty good) on Friday night. Stargate: Universe is playing out their last episodes for this incredibly depressing whiney show. Oh, did I type that out loud? <G>

Returning TV shows on Sy Fy include Sancturary returning this Friday night and in the months to come Haven and my personal favorite Warehouse 13. The reality based shows like Destination Truth (also known in the Vosseller household as Destination Monkey Poop) and Quantum cooking or whatever the frak its called along with Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy and the forthcoming Ghost Hunters: Jersey Shore Edition (okay I just made that last one up) is still out there but I wish it was not. Of all the reality shows I think they only one I can take is Scare Tactics and even that is questionable.

Just as the Oscars and multiple other award shows have now ended (with the exception of the always interesting and nostalgic to watch TV Land awards later this month) the Region 7 Awards season has concluded and it will be interesting to note if the amount of nominations for our varied categories has increased from last year. R7 Command hopes so.

Don’t forget to keep collecting those pennies at meetings and for you correspondence chapters please discuss donations to the Region 7 Kilometer of Pennies program which will end at Shore Leave this July. Chapters should contact me by the last weekend in June to let me know what they collected and should be prepared to either mail a check made out to Region 7 (I’ll make sure you get the exact wording soon) or to present said check during the R7 meeting if you are going to be at SL this year.

Obviously this is a voluntary program and the proceeds go toward financing regional expenditures such as the award trophies for the year. This will be a great help to us at R7 Command.

The R7 Calendar project is also going on and many of you have seen the posts about it on the COs list for more information post an inquiry to the R7 or COs list.

Should you wish to contact Starbase 7 with a question, project idea, complaint, compliment or what have you, you know how to reach, Wayne, Jeff and I. If you don’t check out
Also feel free to post your thoughts on the R7 list which has not seen a lot of activity as of late. Post your thoughts and get a conversation going and don’t forget Starfleet Region 7 also has its own spot on Facebook.

For those who observe Passover or Easter have a great holiday in the weeks to come.