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Today is a great day. Today we commission into our ranks, the Starship USS Mae Jemison, NCC-97007. She is an Odyssey Class starship. This Chapter is based in National Harbor, Maryland, Earth, Sol Sector and is under the command of RADM Dean Rogers.

RADM Rogers, you are hereby cleared to begin deployed chapter operations in your assigned patrol area, with CAPT Christian Savage as your Executive Officer after reporting in to ADM Bob Vosseller at Region 7 Headquarters.

If anyone is interested in joining their adventure, contact RADM Rogers at Commissioning a new chapter is the greatest joy that I have as STARFLEET Chief of Shakedown Operations. I wish you fair winds and following seas.

In Service,
VADM Steven Bowers

Congratulations to our award winners for 2023!

  • Chapter of the Year – USS Abraham Lincoln
  • Charity of the Year – USS Sovereign
  • CO of the Year – VAdm Mary Ann Gonzalez, USS Adamant
  • Enlisted Member of the Year – PO3 Lori Blashaw, USS Venture
  • Flag Officer of the Year – RAdm Keith Shikowitz, USS Abraham Lincoln
  • Helping Hands – RAdm David Sladky, USS New Jersey
  • Newsletter of the Year – USS Justice
  • Officer of the Year – FCapt Cheryl Willcox, USS Avenger
  • Website of the Year – USS Adamant
  • Staff Member of the Year – VAdm Mary Ann Gonzalez

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