All posts for the month June, 2012

By Adm. Bob Vosseller, Vice Regional Coordinator, Region 7

Welcome to another edition of Sub Space Chatter, the official news bulletin of the staff of Region 7 Command.

Yes, I am behind by a month but it has been a busy month and our recent regionalcommand vote of confidence came in and Wayne Augustson easily won that VOC. He and his staff are happy to have received your support and we will continue todo what we can to make this region better.

We are looking at areas that need further attention in this new two year term and we’re coordinating this year’s R7 conference (see details further down).

Thanks again for your confidence in us and please let us know what you feel is needed and for those few who opted to vote in the negative, let us know why and what we can do to address your concerns. Wayne and staff coordinate the region through input from the chapters we serve and without that input, we can’t know what you are thinking.

Looking for R7 Conference information? Well here it is. Our R7 Chief of Staff post some information earlier but it certainly warrants repeating. First of all, as a reminder, the dates are October 19-21, 2012 and it will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill NJ. Rooms are at the rate of $118 per night. To make reservations, please use the
following booking link:

The best way to support the conference, if you are attending, is to utilize the Crowne Plaza. The more rooms we have booked, the more money can go to the region’s coffers to support the Awards Program, support charities and do some other great things we’d like to try over the next year.

Registration will be $15 per person for the weekend. To register, you can visit and click on the Region 7 Conference Registration link located on the menu bar on the left hand side. Payment is via PayPal. You must be registered for to register for the conference.

On Friday Night, RC Wayne will be hosting a mixer in his room and you’ll be able to pick up your registration packets. We’ll run events starting at 9am on Saturday and end at about 3pm on Sunday.

On Saturday Night, we will be having a conference dinner for those who would like to attend at a private room at the Red Hot and Blue restaurant located up the street from the hotel at the Holiday Inn. The restaurant selection is tentative at this time. No matter where we go, however, it will be ordering off the menu and individually
paying on your own.

For programming, we’re planning on two days of great stuff. Of course, we’ll have our opening session and marine muster, as well as our closingsession plus the RC Q & A session. We’re also planning on panels like “So you want to be a CO?”, a Star Trek Online Roundtable, a panel on chapter fictional timelines and other great events. If you
have a panel idea, we’d love to hear your ideas and help you put it on! Programming will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm, with a 1.5 hour break for lunch on Saturday, and from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Sunday. This is your conference, so we want to fill the agenda with panels you want and information you need. Let Jeff, Wayne or I know as we’d love to hear from you.

So far we’re looking at a forum for the new Star Trek film, a discussion of whatwe know, rumors and what we’d like to see. Another panel concerns “What are you reading?” Not strictly ST or even Sci- Fi, an open forum on what you are finding enjoyable in print and audio novels count too. Another panel is “FavoriteFlicks” with another possibly being “What is good on TV these days?” Favorite flicks will be what films you enjoyed in the Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy genre. From Snow White and The Huntsman to The Avengers what worked for you on the bigscreen.

TV would expand beyond the sci-fi, horror, genre and will include the period ofJan. 2012 up to Oct. 18.

Other panels of a more serious nature include “So you want to be a CO” featuring a frank discussion on the SF requirements and the things Starfleet doesn’t tell you about when you decide you want to command a chapter in Starfleet.

So what are you waiting for…register today!

We love seeing interesting stuff online. Visit our Facebook page and post of a photo or two of your latest chapter event.

Commodore Karen Mitchell Carothers is a member of our R7 recruiting staff and she is looking for photos from you to help in a recruitment project set for Shore Leave in August so e-mail her some of your best chapter event pics showing thefun you are having to her at


The USS Challenger is among those holding BBQs this year. The Avenger is holding their’s on June 23 and the Challenger will break with tradition and hold its annual anniversary bash on Saturday July 14 rather than the 4th of July weekend. This is the weekend that normally, the region would assemble at Shore Leave but as we know, SL moved to August this year. We decided to hold our BBQ at its usual location of 202 8th Avenue in Ortley Beachon that weekend so as to avoid at least some of the usual holiday traffic to make it easier for our guests. Cost of event this year is $10 to cover food costs. Contact me at 856-495-6476 for your RSVP.

Forget the London Olympics next month, the Spring Trek Olympics was a blast according to RC Wayne and he was even on the winning team. The Maryland based event had a lot of participation, good weather and demonstrated a true account of the kind of athletic prowess our members have…(not saying that is great prowess but prowess none theless and whoever said SF members are the most physically fit in the galaxy) Fun was the true name of the game and it worked out well.


The R7 Awards program concluded and participation was about what it was last year and awards will be presented at Shore Leave in August.

I am planning to see either Prometheus or Snow White & The Huntsman later today. Amazing Spider-Man is coming up and the third installment of the Batman trilogy is coming up next month as well. It has been a pretty good year for bigscreen blockbusters. Again, share your thoughts on our R7 listserv and on ourFacebook page.

Summer is definitely here and I know many of us are very busy. Have a great summerseason and we look forward to seeing you at a future BBQ, convention or otherevent in the near future.

Keepin touch!