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Starfleet Region 7 Meeting Minutes

09 July 2011
Marriott’s Hunt Valley Inn
0900 hrs to 1000 hrs
Salon A

1. Call to Order Comm. Augustson
Wayne welcomed all to the Regional Meeting.

2. Roll Call of Chapters Adm. Vosseller
The USS Susquehannock brought a copy of the Communique from 1995. Bob read the list of ships for Region 7 listed in the Communique. Bob then gave the roll call of chapters for Region 7 currently.

3. Roll Call of R7 Staff Comm. Victor
Jeff read the list of Staff Officers for Region 7.

4. Chief of Staff Report Comm. Victor
Jeff asks for more details when COs submit thier MSRs.

5. ‘Condensed’ Staff Reports Attending Staff or Comm. Victor
Finance Report
     I – Revenue
          A – Beginning balance of funds as of February 1, 2011, was $366 at PNC Bank.
          B – From February 2011 to June 2011 a total of $60 was received and deposited as a result of R7’s Fundraising Raffles.
          C – An additional $30 donation was received in June 2011 from the USS Avenger and this was for as follows,
               1) $20 for Regional Awards
               2) $10 for Kilometers for Pennies
     II – Expenses
          A – A check for $259 was issued for R7 Plaques, in May 2011.
     III – Financial Status & Net Results
          A – As of June 30, 2011, Starfleet – Region 7’s bank balance is now at $197 at PNC Bank.
          B – Since May 2005, we’ve received $393 from for 298 qualified ink jet and laser toner cartridges.
     If you have submissions for the website, please send them to Joe. MSRs are being condensed and being added to the website every 2-3 months.

     Recruitment is setting up the table currently.

     Awards will be given out today.

6. VRC Report Adm. Vosseller
     Bob thanks those who gave to the Regional Fundraiser. Bob went over the history of the Kilometer of Pennies. Bob went over upcoming activities in the Region. IC2011 will be talked about  later in the meeting. Recruiting could use some help at the table this year.

7. RC Report Comm. Augustson

     A) Region Status Report – We have 31 chapters and over 579 members. For the most part, chapters have been properly submitting their MSRs on-time and keeping their membership numbers above the minimum requirements.

     B) AB Business – Not much AB business to discuss, other than questions about background checks for those seeking positions on the Regional and Fleet levels, and possible membership fees for Mexican chapters.

     C) Command Summit 2011 – Based on feedback from last year’s Summit, there will be another Command Summit. It will be held at the same location in Southern NJ, most likely October 22nd. There were 13 chapters represented last year at the Summit.

     D) R7 mini-conference at IC 2011/R7 Conference in 2012?? – We will have a mini R7 Conference Sunday at the IC. It should last only about an hour. Since we did not receive any bids for the Regional Conference for 2012, the R7 Command Staff will be hosting the event.

     E) Reminder about chapter numbers and MSRs – Please remember to keep your membership at 10+ members, and file your MSRs monthly.
      The USS Richthofen will be hosting a Gettysburgh Battlefield Tour in September. USS Accord will be hosting Watkins Glen Weekend in September.

8. IC2011 Comm. Victor
     Registration prices are still $25, prices are going up shortly. Jeff went over some of the programming going on at the IC.

9. 7th Brigade Report MGen. Dorffner
     The Marine Muster will take place after this meeting. Awards for the Brigade will be given out during the meeting.

10. R7 Annual Awards Presentation Adm. Washington
 The Regional Awards were given out by Beryl. The winners were:
     Chapter of the Year: U.S.S. Avenger
     Shakedown Chapter of the Year: U.S.S. Storm
     Support Ship of the Year: U.S.S. Challenger
     Flag Officer of the Year: Glendon Diebold (USS Niagara)
     Officer of the Year: Eric Schulman (USS Matrix)
     Edgar Torres Memorial CO of the Year: Debbie French (USS Inferno)
     Enlisted Member of the Year: Maggie Restivo (USS Richthofen)
     Staff Member of the Year: Bob Vosseller (USS Challenger)
     Electronic Newsletter of the Year: “The Peacekeeper”- USS Niagara
     Printed Newsletter of the Year: “Avenger News”- USS Avenger
     Helping Hands: John Wilson (USS DeBraak) 

11. Other Regional Awards Comm. Augustson
7th Fleet Commendation-
     Bob Vosseller
     Jeff Victor
     Joe Dorffner
     Mike Stein
     Beryl Washington
     Mary Ann Pugliese
     Mike Allen
7th Fleet Achievement Award-
     Joe Hoolihan (for arranging/overseeing the recent softball event in MD)
     Karen Carothers (for continuing to co-host the Trek Olympics)
     Gary Ensey (for continuing to co-host the Trek Olympics)
     USS Susquehannock (for singlehandedly creating/overseeing a regional fundraiser- the R7 Calendar)
     Eric Schulman, promoted to Captain, on 6/17/11.
At this time, MGEN Dorffner asked to present some awards for Fleet members from the Marines. The Naval Achievement Citation was presented to:
     Wayne Augustson
     Bob Vosseller
     Jeff Victor

12. Closing Comments/Adjournment Comm. Augustson – Have a good weekend, and see you at the IC next month!!