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Region 7 Meeting
04 August 2012
Salon A, Hunt Valley Inn
Start Time 0900
End Time 1000
A moment of silence was held for the passing of Helen, the oldest member of STARFLEET.
Wayne welcomed all the Region 7 meeting. It is also the weekend of the IC.
Joe Hoolihan promoted Eric Schulman to the rank of Fleet Captain.
Wayne thanked those who attended the Regional Breakfast.
Jeff Victor talked about the Regional Conference. The conference is October 19-21st. We will have quite a few panels. Registration is still $15 until the end of the month. Hotel reservations are still available. Friday night will be a Mixer in Wayne’s room. Dinner Saturday night will be at Red Hot And Blue. The Command Staff will be running the Regional Conference in 2013, since no bids came in for it. If you are interested in
running the Conference in 2014, the guidelines are on the website.
Mike Stein gave the Financial report.
I – Revenue
     A – Beginning balance of funds as of February 1, 2012, was $1,006 at PNC Bank.
     B – Received a total of $135 in Registration Fees during the month of June 2012 for the upcoming Region 7 Conference in October. (This was for nine registrations.)
II – Expenses
     A – A check for $259 was issued for R7 Plaques, in June 2012.
     B – PayPal Fees which resulted from the Registration Fees that were deposited came to $6.
III – Financial Status & Net Results
     A – As of June 30, 2012, Starfleet – Region 7’s bank balance is now at $876 at PNC Bank.
     B – A box of ink jets will be mailed during the month of August 2012 to
     C – Since May 2005, we’ve received $425 from for 321 qualified ink jet and laser toner cartridges.
The Floor was opened to the various chapters for announcements from their chapters. Gary Ensey announced that their chapter is having a raffle this weekend for their charity. Karen Carothers has ribbons that she is selling for charity. The Richthofen is hosting a trip to Gettysburg. The Susquehannock is having a party Saturday at the Convention. They are also working on various charities. The Abraham Lincoln had an
activity with a local Baseball team.
Wayne gave out some awards that were left over from Farpoint.
Beryl Washington presented the Region’s Plaques and Certificates.
Newsletter, Electronic Peacekeekper USS Niagara NCC-75634
Newsletter, Printed Impulse Readings USS Justice NCC-556
Enlisted Member/2011 Meghan McAnnally USS Storm NCC-1694
Helping Hands/2011 Larry French USS Inferno NCC- 15202
Support Ship/2011 USS Avenger NCC-1860
Shakedown Chapter/2011 USS Serling NCC-74657
Staff Member / 2011 Wayne Auguston USS Britannic NCC-71818
Officer of the Year 2011 George Edwards USS Inferno NCC-15202
Flag Officer / 2011 Jeff Victor USS Challenger NCC-1676-D
CO of the Year 2011 Karen Carothers USS Richthofen NCC-73286
Chapter of the Year 2011 USS Sovereign NCC-75000

Wayne presented the Regional Awards.

Richard Bonham (USS Hecate): Outstanding Service Award
Elizabeth Gorman (USS Richthofen): Meritorious Service Award
Carl Dietrich (USS Susquehannock): Meritorious Service Award

Bob Vosseller (USS Challenger) 7th Fleet Commendation
Jeff Victor (USS Challenger) 7th Fleet Commendation
Joe Dorffner (USS Edinburgh) 7th Fleet Commendation
Mike Stein (USS Justice) 7th Fleet Commendation
Beryl Washington (USS Sovereign) 7th Fleet Commendation
Mary Ann Pugliese (USS Adamant) 7th Fleet Commendation
Mike Allen (USS Pride of Baltimore) 7th Fleet Commendation
Karen Carothers (USS Richthofen) 7th Fleet Commendation

We will be reconstructing our Awards program, more details will be given during the Regional Conference in October. Beryl will be stepping down as Awards Director, and will be taking charge of a new position, she will be in charge of Fundraising and Charities for the Region.
We have had a few chapters leave. We have had a chapter change their name. We currently have 29 active chapters.
Marine Awards for the 7th Brigade were presented. LGEN Joseph Dorffner presented the following awards:
Naval Unit Citation
USS Challenger
USS Pride of Baltimore
USS Richthofen
Naval Achievement Citation
Karen Carothers
Gary Ensey
Wayne Augustson
Bob Vosseller
Jeff Victor
Brigade Achievement Award
Mike Stein
Wayne Augustson
Larry French
Thomas Rutledge
Shield of Valor
Mark Easterly
Sword of Valor
Wayne Augustson
On behalf of the Commander, STARFLEET
Laura Victor
Joe Hoolihan has been in STARFLEET for 20 years. Bob Vosseller has been in STARFLEET for 30 years.