All posts for the month November, 2023

Dear 7th Fleet ,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying the weekend. Last week there was a vote by the admiralty board and noting rising costs and programs that require funding, the proposal to increase SF membership fees was passed.

Further details about this will be posted but many of you are already aware of the specifics. Given the feedback I received from R7, I also voted for the increase albeit reluctantly, but it is clear that it was necessary.

We’ve been doing well with our MSR reporting but occasionally, we have a few chapters who miss them and I’m asking our COs/XOs who submit them to be timely and to be carefully as to not accidentally submit it in the stored area which does not release them. Accidents happen I know but try to be careful as a few of them in the course of a year can present a problem.

On to more pleasant things, we will soon be starting the last month of the year which is hard to believe. So much has happened in 2023 and I wish to extend on behalf of myself and the R7 Command staff a very happy holiday season to you all. Enjoy your special gatherings that are coming up.

As posted previously, the USS Challenger will be expanding its usual holiday Cookie Exchange party into a full fledged pot luck dinner/dessert event on Sunday, Dec. 3 starting at 1 p.m. at the Seaside Heights Community Center 1000 Bay Blvd. Seaside Heights.

Please bring some holiday cheer, an entrĂ©e or dessert that will feed at least six people and you may also wish to bring a beverage of your own choice (non-alcoholic) . Given the risk of food allergies we’re asking you forgo any dishes involving fish.

We’ll have music, good conversations and fun as we celebrate the holiday season and close out what has been quite an interesting and challenging year. We realize that for most of the region, this event would be quite a distance but it is open to all. We hope you’ll join us for a grand celebration!

We wish you a very merry holiday season filled with happiness and joy!

Adm. Bob Vosseller
Region 7 Coordinator