All posts for the month May, 2013

By Adm. Bob Vosseller, VRC Region7

Yes, it’s back after waaayyyy too long an absence. The absence of which is entirely my fault and I thank your understanding and consideration for the delay. Real life has tossed me more than a loop in recent months and I can’t even recall when I posted the last Sub-Space Chatter but now it will return to a regular schedule (well at least I hope so).


RC Rear Admiral Wayne L.Augustson reported to the 7th Fleet this week that more details about this year’s R7 Conference is forthcoming.

“The contract has been signed with the Embassy Suites hotel (across from the Hunt Valley) Maryland and our Chief of Staff, Jeff Victor, will give all the necessary details. Bob and I are working on programming and we’ll also have an update,” Wayne said.


The USS Avenger, USS Challenger,USS Justice, USS Inferno, USS Serling, and USS Susquehannock were among the chapters in R7 that manned a promotion table for Star Trek: Into Darkness onthe weekend of May 17. The film provided a great opportunity to gain publicity for Starfleet, their chapter and more awareness of both to the local public. Other chapters found other ways to make their presence known.

The film itself has proven popular with the audience and while a few local Fleeters have expressed a dislike of the altered timeline, the majority of SF members of the 7th Fleet have expressed not only their enjoyment of the film but that they have seen it multiple times in multiple formats, 2-D, 3-D and I-Max.

A big event in the Maryland Sector returned during the same weekend of ST: Into Darkness release weekend, the Trek Olympics and several chapters came out to participate. Check out a full report on the athletic (?) event in a future CQ issue. Good job guys, Glad you had fun.

In general chapters have been keeping busy as we head into the busy summer season. The USS Mobius and USS Sovereign are among the chapters that will spearhead recruitment efforts atWizard World Philadelphia Comic Con from May 30 to June 2. The top guests are William Shatner and Summer Glau at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Members of other chapters are also invited to assist at recruitment stations at this popular convention.

The Deadline to apply for a STARFLEET Scholarship is approaching fast. Send your applications Reed Bates the Scholarship Director, by June 15. You may email them or mail them. The instructions are on the first page of the application. See

If you have any questions, you can send her an email at

Don’t forget Region 7 Fundraiser

Our R7 Finance Officer Mike Stein wants you all to remember to participate in the R7 Ink cartridges for cash fundraiser. You can contact RFO Mike Stein ( for details.

Break out the picnic baskets

It is that time of year again tothink about our annual anniversary picnic. It will once again be held at Alex Rosenzweig’s coordinates of 980 Linwood Place, North Brunswick, NJ from 12:30p.m. on June 15. The cost will be $7 per person. Let Avenger command know if you plan to come and if you plan to bring something to share.

The 5th Annual USS Abraham Lincoln Picnic will be held at noon on July 20 at Bear Mountain State Park. Check in with the Lincoln fordetails.

Other chapters will host BBQs/picnics throughout the summer season so watch the R7 Facebook page and the R7 list for further announcements. The Moebius is holding a launch party in July and the USS Challenger’s annual BBQ will be held at a new location this year. Posts concerning both those events and others will be making their way to you soon.

In closing it is an exciting time to be a Trek fan between the new movie, new novels, new comics and some new fan film projects. For sci fi fans in general the finale of Doctor Who left many of us wanting more and there is the return of Continuum and Defiance keeps plugging along on Sy Fy. Speaking of Sy Fy, Warehouse 13 will mark its last season next year but is continuing on for now.

We have Man of Steel flying into theaters in June and The Lone Ranger and Tonto galloping into theaters in July with Thor getting hammered in November. Don’t forget Falling Skies returns in June and for more zombie fun The Walking Dead will becoming back next fall.

Until next time, have fun and keep Trekkin’