WANTED: R7 Awards Director to handle our annual awards program and to interface with the STARFLEET Awards program where our winners are relayed to for consideration on the international organization level.

Our former R7 Awards Director Maria Dutilly has offered to assist the incoming staffer chosen for the position learn the ropes.

Please email Bob Vosseller at rc@region7.com with a letter of interest including any club or real life related experience in this area.

We would like to collect all letters of interest by September 1.

VRC/RC Bob Vosseller

My Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that after 15 years as your Regional Coordinator, circumstances in my life prevent me from devoting the necessary time to administer that most-honored office.

I hereby resign the position of region 7 Coordinator and turn the reins over to my most capable VRC, Bob Vosseller.

I still command Britannic and I will eventually see all of you again. Until then, blessings to every one of you for 15 fantastic years! It has been an honor to serve as R7 RC and I shall return!

Admiral Wayne L. Augustson
Region 7 Coordinator

Congratulations to our award winners for 2022!

Chapter of the Year – USS Justice
Charity Chapter of the year – USS Solstice
CO of the Year – CAPT Jad Kaado, USS Avenger
Enlisted Member of the Year – Crewman Kathryn Rexford, USS Venture
Flag Officer of the Year – RADM Jay Ansky, USS Sovereign
Helping Hands – CMDR Matthew Barclay, USS Solstice
Newsletter of the Year – The GD Times, USS Niagara
Officer of the Year – CMDR Rick Brocato, USS Katherine Johnson
Staff Member of the Year – FCAPT Maria Dutilly, USS Stella Pirata
Support chapter of the year – USS Challenger
Website of the Year – USS Challenger